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Wishful Thinking CH19: My Apologies
It was a cruddy, February day. Barnaby was curled up in his apartment, everything shut tight to keep out the chill. He'd recently purchased a living room set, thinking he'd be entertaining more, but was thinking now that it had been a waste of money. The blond was hiding under a warm, fuzzy blanket, moping.
He was finding life harder and harder, now that he wasn't spending time with his teammate outside of work. Barnaby thought he might be able to deal with his crush on the man much better if they'd kept up hanging out like they had been. However, his friend was barely speaking to him at work as it was and that wasn't even the half of it.
Barnaby had gone out earlier that day for work. The criminal wasn't hard to take down, but still found it odd that Kotetsu wasn't there. It was unheard of for the veteran to not be there to try to save the day. Knowing they were best friends, Barnaby asked Antonio if he'd seen the older man. Worried when the reply was negative, he tried with Ivan, Lac
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Wishful Thinking CH18: Coming To Terms
Weeks had passed. Kotetsu was still no closer to untangling his emotions. He felt as if he was still at square one; the day he found out how Barnaby felt. The veteran hero had made sure to keep their interactions to just work. Every time Barnaby attempted to make plans with him, he would decline. Barnaby had been a seemingly happier person after New Years. But Kotetsu could see him slowly retreating back into his shell each time he was turned down...I'm sorry buddy...this old man will make it up to you...I just hope it's not too late by then
Kaede was noticing the rift growing between the men once again. Part of her was relieved, as she'd been made uncomfortable by some of their recent exchanges. But another part was upset that her idol was finally opening up to a hopeful, healthy life, only to find him withdrawing from everyone once more. At the very least, she wanted him happy again.
The duo's teamwork was faltering. Everyone noticed what was happening. Forums dedicated
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Tranquil by Kurama--Babe Tranquil :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 2 0
Wishful Thinking CH17: Nightmares and Blunders
It was the Kaburagis final day at Barnaby's house. Even though it wasn't on the actual holiday, and he'd been overwhelmed by pain at the start of the week, it was Barnaby's favorite Christmas so far. It was his first time spending Christmas with anyone since he became an adult. The fact that he got to briefly share a bed with Kotetsu was a bonus; he was a little sad when it came to an end.
In two days, the pain in Barnaby's stomach left. Kotetsu had been extremely attentive during that time and slept with Barnaby to keep an eye on him. After the first day, the pain didn't feel like stabbing, just a dull ache. He was finally able to consume more than the ginger tea. Kotetsu made his infamous fried rice, which Barnaby happily scarfed down. It was the first time the father and daughter pair had seen him have such poor manners while eating.
The trio spent the rest of the week opening the few presents there were, eating themselves to bursting, watching cheesy Christmas movies, and going to
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Daisho '15 5 by Kurama--Babe Daisho '15 5 :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 3 0 Daisho '15 4 by Kurama--Babe Daisho '15 4 :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 1 0 Daisho '15 3 by Kurama--Babe Daisho '15 3 :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 3 0 Daisho '15 2 by Kurama--Babe Daisho '15 2 :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 4 0 Daisho '15 1 by Kurama--Babe Daisho '15 1 :iconkurama--babe:Kurama--Babe 2 1
Wishful Thinking CH16: Nurse Kotetsu
Kotetsu attempted to rouse the blond, but nothing was working. Barnaby laid prone in the snow,  the only sign of life being his labored breathing. The veteran hero began to panic as he pulled his friend into his lap, cradling him. Taking in his surroundings as he tried to calm himself down, he realized just how close they were to Barnaby's apartment.
“Kaede! You remember how to get to his place, right?” he shouted over the roar of the crowd. His daughter was trembling, increasingly worried about her idol. She nodded hurriedly. “We're going to spend the week at his place instead, okay?” She nodded again and tried to collect everything she could in an effort to help. But she was shaking so much, she couldn't get a good grip on anything. “Honey, don't worry about it. We'll come back for it. Just grab his duffel bag and lock the van.”
Kotetsu gathered Barnaby into his arms and carried him bridal style through the crowd, rushing to get him home. At t
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Hero CH7: Game Night
Alfred woke the next morning, after dreaming about mutant babies, with the sun pounding against his eyelids. He emitted a soft whine and covered his face with the blanket, not wanting to get up. The American curled up under the thick fabric and sighed, happy that the light couldn't reach him anymore. He rolled over and snuggled himself more into Matthew, smiling as he felt his brother's arms tighten around him.
Matthew started to crack his eyes open. The blue orbs were covered in sleep, the little granules stinging the corners of his eyes. Feeling like he'd been hit by a bus, Matthew groaned in an exhaustive manner. He looked down to see Alfred smiling and ran his hands up and down the American's back.
Alfred's eyes slowly opened. He peeked out from under the blanket and looked up at Matthew. "Morning," he yawned, smiling.
"Hey," Matthew croaked out, triggering in onslaught of dry coughs. "Sleep well?" he wheezed.
Alfred quickly sat up and looked at Matthew. "Mattie...are you okay?"
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Wishful Thinking CH15: Wishes Part 2
“Oh, c'mon Bunny!” Kotetsu whined as he tried to pull the other man inside. “Spending the holidays with us isn't gonna kill ya!” What the older man wasn't seeing was the terror in Barnaby’s eyes, the young man in the throes of a panic attack. The holidays was always a terrible reminder of his past and he'd never stopped grieving. Kotetsu was just too excited to notice that his friend was having a meltdown.
Kaede, however, noticed the moment she came down the stairs. “DAD! STOP!” Pushing Kotetsu out of the way, she grabbed the blond and, without bothering to take off his shoes or coat, sat Barnaby on the couch. Almost immediately, he laid on his side, curled into a ball and held his head in his hands.
“Bunny?” Kotetsu called out in concern, taking a few steps closer to where his friend was. He suddenly noticed Barnaby's eyes darting all over the living room, taking in all the Christmas decorations and the roaring flames in the
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Kurama Babe
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Kurama Babe. I'm a well known, plus sized cosplayer from Wisconsin. I've been cosplaying since 2004, done over 40 cosplays and been to over 20 cons. I seem very outgoing and love to talk and hang out but, in reality, I'm actually quite shy and enjoy time alone. But please don't let that put you off from talking to me!
Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay again. I'm just going to post for June because the month is nearly here and I won't feel so rushed for an update when July comes.

Real Life: Cut my hair again. There's really nothing left for me to cut if I have another tank in my depression. It's about two inches short. I mean, I like it, I just don't want it cut this short again if I can help it. However, it's been helping in getting my hair healthy again as I abstain from doing perma dyes again for a while. I just want to give my hair a break.
I'm starting a new business soon! I will be offering spiritual work for people. This includes card reading, meditation, crystal work, etc. I hope to open it full by July, but the middle of June is when I'm starting to take appointments. IF this does as well as it seems to be doing (I have 12 clients already), I might consider quitting my day job. It's just going to be a lot for me to handle, but if I could make the same or more in a week that I do at my current job, I'd strongly consider it to make things easier for myself.

Cons: So, I was going to try for Kitsune. But with the shop opening so soon and other big changes happening, there's just no way I can make it happen this year. Especially with potentially no way out to there with the shifts I have to work Friday and Sunday. So, if I do another con this year, it will be Daisho this November.

Cosplay: Same as the last update, though I found more things to work on for Leon. I just need to work up the motivation to actually do something. All my stuff is just sitting there, collecting dust. And I feel bad that I haven't touched it since I brought it home, but the depression has just been so bad, I haven't had the energy to do much of anything...

Art: I will no longer be writing Crash & Burn or Caged. The former I just lost the motivation. The latter turns out I can't use my own experiences on to have a happy ending when the hero that it was supposed to have turned out to be an asshole, so the entire plot is toast. In their place is a Tales of Zestiria fic, taking place after the game's end. I've already written the prologue. I just need a cover. I'm slowly trying to gather more info to make it more plausible, but hard to do in a fantasy setting. If another story is going to get cut, it will likely be Payback.

  • Listening to: Klumpakojis - Kastanteda


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