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Kurama Babe
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a well known plus-sized cosplayer from Minnesota in the USA. I have been attending cons and cosplaying for 10 years, totaling 20 cons and over 30 cosplays. I might not be widely traveled, but my imagination takes me places. Winner of AnimeIowa's 2013 MVB award.
All in all, it was a fantastic con for me. As per usual, a con is not without its drama, but this was, by far, LOADS better than Kitsune Kon. But this con's drama seemed to be a lot better dealt with.

Thursday - The day was chock full of miscommunication. My boss didn't understand that I was leaving early, so I almost didn't get out of work on time, then times got screwy with my ride. Got to the hotel around 5:30, then met up with half of my hotel group. Changed into something cutesty to go with my teaser cosplay. Walked around for a bit and ran into my con dad, Asuma. Upon telling me Velocity-Keystone (Velocity) was busy, I decided to meet up with DarkAlchemistNinja (Dan) and Lady-Ra (Ra), later chatting with Rin and Batou as well. After about an hour, I finally met up with Velocity, who I ended up going on a date with at Friday's for a bit before my annual group dinner. During the date, I noticed a piece of my teaser cosplay was ruined by the weather, which Velocity offered to fix (it was having issues before that she was willing to help with, but the weather totally killed the item). To top it all off, I managed to break my ring that is half of a set with her, because I'm special like that XP (it has been super glued, but no longer fits my finger, so it's now on a chain around my neck). About 2 hours later, people for the dinner started to come in, but both of us were pretty toasted by that time, so there's a chance things got awkward and I don't recall some of it (but what I do remember was HILARIOUS). We finally left around midnight, got killed by the weather and hung out in MelodiousIXNocturne's (Nexus) room. Found random friends to chat with, then hauled my ass to my room around 2am. After unpacking and getting in my PJs, I chatted with Jess for a bit before going to bed at 3:30am.
Please note, if you saw me in my teaser cosplay and figured out what I'm debuting next year, please keep it hush hush from the public. There are no pics of me in it on my cosplay account and that's how it was planned to be.

Friday - Waking up around 7:30am, I started to motivate myself into Kevin while helping a friend with her cosplay. I left the room to wait for Velocity, hanging with snowtigra (Snow) and chibicutie (Chibi) and Tori during that time. Velocity and I went to go get our badges. My badge was misspelled (Kuwama Babe instead of Kurama Babe) and I tried to see if something could be done about it. Was told they couldn't fix it because it was MY fault. I call BULLSHIT on that. I've been using this namesake on my badges since 2009, I don't know how you can blame me for the screw up. Me and several other people I've told about the badge think someone typoed my name and didn't double check. While Velocity and Nexus did some cosplay workshop, sylus08 (Sylus) and I decided to walk around con together and catch up. After just under an hour of doing that, I grabbed Velocity so we could head back to my room (I had to get some things) before going to Chess. The pre panel having JUST started, we thought we'd be fine. Not even 5 minutes after it started, Velocity was texted by someone to say the person running the game was pissed that we weren't there yet. Needless to say, I was in a BAD mood before the game even started. After getting acquainted with the other pieces and getting set up, things got better once the game was underway. The game was to be scripted this year, but things didn't pan out correctly and ended up throwing out the script. I enjoyed doing something different this year and I hope Velocity liked it enough to do the same next year (and I think she knows who I want to compete as). After the game, I got some pics with the Tiger & Bunny photoshoot, then went to lunch with Kanda and Allen to celebrate their engagement. Headed back to my room and began to change into Ash. Got distracted by TV, but still managed to make it to the Young Justice panel on time with Velocity. After that we headed down to Artist Alley, where my cosplay was recognized by a young girl, so we could say hi to Snow and Chibi. Then we went to watch the Probending Tournament. After another hour or so, Velocity was exhausted (she'd been feeling ill since that afternoon) so we decided to change and chill in her room until she wanted to go to bed. After that, I found various friends and strangers to chat with, then weaved my way into a party room. Drank my ASS off there and stayed until the room closed. After that, I went to consuite to hang with local/grad friends, until I ended up staining my dress. Booked it to my room to change, Sike-Redwolf (Sike) helped me rinse the stains out and hang it up to dry. Went back downstairs to continue hanging out and eating. After being left alone around 3am, I thought it would be a good idea to go to bed. Nope, KB had to be a drunken silly goose and find Marth badging consuite, so I sat with him for a while. I don't see him often and we really don't talk when we do, so it was kinda nice to catch up with him for as long as I did. It was about 5:30 by the time I went back to my room, but no one was answering when I would knock, so I was there for about a half hour before I was let in. Pretty sure I didn't even get into my PJs, I was so tired.

Saturday - Woke up at various intervals due to how frigid it was in my room. Shaking like I was having a seizure kind of cold. I even just about puked in the shower. Thankfully Sike turned the heat on while I was washing up, so I didn't feel so terrible once I got out of the bathroom. Took my sweet time getting into Namine, walked for a bit with Sylus, then met up with Velocity around noon. We went into the Artist Alley and actually looked around for a bit, then hit the Dealer's Room and went batshit insane over all the Tiger & Bunny merch there was, particularly the keychains and doujins. After a while, Velocity wanted some time to relax, so we curled up in her room and ate while she showed me DRAMAtical Murder on her laptop and trying to make con mom scentedserra (Serra) feel better. Then we went out into the crowds again and completed our rounds in the Dealer's Room. Right around this time, my coworker Nova wanted to meet up and my con kids, LuxyNumberX (Seifer) and Pixie, texted me to let me know they had arrived. We met them in the lobby and I got to see my con granddaughter, Merida, for the first time (cutie patootie~). After showing Pixie around for a bit, Velocity was starting to overheat, so we parted ways while the rest of us headed up to my room to drink and watch the Competition. While this happened, I slowly made my way into my Wataru cosplay. After the Competition ended, I finished getting dressed and made my way to Velocity's room, where I waited for her to finish getting dressed. We then made our rounds around the con, but her health was steadily decreasing as the night went on, so we weren't in them long and didn't get many pics (I hope we can make a bigger thing of this another time when she's feeling better). She went back to her room while I had another night of drinking, this time finding Brite and Furer to hang out with and bumping into someone I had been hoping to avoid (yay lying through my teeth >_<). After getting a bit of food in me and chatting with other friends, I headed back up to my room around 3am, packed up a lot of my things and went to bed.

Sunday - Woke up around 9am, finished packing the things I didn't need and tried to find all the pieces for the outfit I would be using for Raimei. There was all kinds of last minute running around. I had to get Sike's and my luggage out to her car by myself, then I had to get back up to my room to finish changing. This meant I couldn't take too long to try to find my missing Raimei socks (never did find them or my black Kevin shirt) and I could put on makeup (which made a little piece of me die on the inside). But some lovely girls in front of me to get on the elevators made me a part of their group so I could get on (they cut off just before me), since I'd asked them the time and explained my panel time to them. After changing and hauling all my bags on my shoulders, I ran down 18 flights of stairs because it was faster. Made it to my panel with only a minute to spare. The panel was Cosplay Is For Every Body and it was so successful that I want to do it again next year, maybe even for other cons too! I ran it with several close friends of various sizes and backgrounds, it was such an interesting panel with some of the things that were talked about. Definitely things to pull up as topics next year. I already have an idea of who to have for panelists next year, if the people I ask agree to it. Lots of us were approached after the panel too, I think we really made a difference for a lot of people. We even ran about 15 minutes over just to try to accommodate the audience. After the panel, I had to book it over to the lobby to meet up with my Nabari no Ou group. Save for one person, we had everyone from the original group, plus a new face for a character we'd been missing for ages. The original group hasn't cosplayed together since Nabari and that was 3 or 4 years ago. It was a reunion of sorts, one that had to be cut short since I had to leave early. I hope we can do this again sometime in the near future and actually make a full day of it. After the shoot finished, I met up with someone to get some items she was giving me, then Sike and I left to go home. We summarized our weekend with the good and bad points, stopped for gas, then got me home around 3pm. I helped out in the garage for a bit, then passed out for several hours.
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  • Listening to: When Will I See You Again - Owl City
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