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Kurama Babe
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United States
My name is Kurama Babe. I'm a well known, plus sized cosplayer from Wisconsin. I've been cosplaying since 2004, done over 40 cosplays and been to 25 cons. I seem very outgoing and love to talk and hang out but, in reality, I'm actually quite shy. Winner of AnimeIowa's 2013 MVB award.
Yes, I know its been forever. Yes, I know I haven't updated anyone since my move. Yes, I am aware that was five months ago. I had too much going on and so much had happened, it would be so much in every update. But, it's only fair for me to do one for the new year and catch everyone up.

Real life: Velocity and I broke up in September after four and a half years together. Sadly, things have deteriorated because I suck, so I'm not sure where things stand right now. I've had a job since September, working retail at a gas station. Some days are better than others, but I like my bosses and coworkers. I started hiding out on Gaia again and I actually haven't left yet, I'm shocked. Usually I come back after a few years, play for a few days, quit, then never come back for at least another year. I'll have info on my site soon on how to reach me there. My roommate, in the middle of November, decided to move in soon with her new boyfriend that she barely knows. So she's jumping ship and just leaving me, pretty much laughing at any attempts I make at trying to fix the situation she's put me in. So, not even half a year later, I'm having to make plans to uproot my life AGAIN. And, with all the shit that's happened, I never got the fresh start I wanted for my life. I have to start over again and hope maybe I can get that this next time around. My roommate also outed my cat to the landlord (she said it was an accident but how does that even happen?), so I have to "get rid of him or get out". He's staying with someone temporarily until I have moved and take him with me. I also have two new roommates for when that happens - people I know and can trust right off the bat. We are hoping to be out by no later than mid-March, but if something gets in the way, then pushing it off won't be so bad.
Now that it's the new year, I will be going through all my online stuff and doing my annual clean up. I already started here on DA. It will take me a bit, so bear with me. It also means it's time for my resolutions. Nothing weight involved this year, as I SHATTERED my resolution last year. Usually I don't make a goal, I'm happy to just lose one pound. But I think it says something when you are walking to work to and from every day, not eating as much and now all your pants don't fit unless they are elastic and your binding rolls because your fat isn't holding it in place like it used to.
1. Get rolling on fixing some medical shit. This could be as simple as working on my mental health by talking to my new roommate to something more complicated like getting treatment for my PCOS.
2. Start making some of my own stuff for cosplay. I have already started doing this in the latter part of last year, but I want to expand little by little. Baby steps, especially since I might be competing this year and not just for a skit.
3. Clear out some cosplay space. I feel like I need to retire someone, I'm just not sure who and how many. If things go down as they have been, this won't be a problem, as that will be several cosplays getting retired and canceled.
4. Write more. I wrote only 11 chapters to various stories last year. I know I procrastinate, but that's just sad, especially with five stories being out. I don't know if I just didn't have the motivation knowing the move was coming and just feeling drained by the last quarter of the year or if it's because I'm not really riding the SS Hetalia ship anymore. It's even worse because I have other story ideas I want to get started on, but I don't want to overdo it. So either I get off my ass and crap out chapters or something is getting but. Maybe both.
5. Read more. After I lost my desk job, I stopped reading as much and I want to change this, even if it's just reading some more fan fics here and there. The library used to be my second home before I moved. I want that to happen again. I want to feel like I belong in the library.
6. More self care. I hardly even just stay home all day and take a bubble bath, give myself a facial, wear makeup just because or do my nails. I actually did all of this for New Year's Eve and felt really good.

Cons: Did Daisho just before Thanksgiving, I had a great time. After the move marked me stopping writing multiple con reports for places. Now, you will only find them on my site. No more reports here or on FaceBook. It was just getting to be too much and I felt I can be more detailed on my site without worrying if I'm typing too much. Detour is my only planned con right now for the year, and I might not even go because of the move if that's how things pan out. I would LIKE to be able to do Geek and Daisho again, but I'm trying to lay off making plans without knowing what's happening now. I don't want to plan for it and let people down by not being able to.

Cosplay: Since the move, I have debuted a second outfit for Kevin Levin, Tomoe Kaburagi in a ballgown, threw together a Kirara outfit for some friends and Makoto Tachibana in his school uniform (which needs some tweaks). Hoping to do some upgrades to Leon, Kotetsu and Ashira. As for new stuff, my main priorities right now are Blake and Ren, with Seishun right behind. Once Detour passes, I will start focusing on Nora. I will be legit making stuff for her, so I don't want too much on my plate for plans while I do so. She might be my first competition piece.

Art: Haven't started my Geek video, haven't started my Daisho video and I haven't started my year recap video. I'm really behind, but finding the time to work on them and pulling the motivation out of my ass at the same time has been difficult. Geek was just bad memories for me, so I really don't want to make one, but I know my brain won't let me do the others without at least trying to make one. I want to try to draw more, but I want baby steps on the writing first. We shall see. As for my writing, I'm willing to bet it will be the Canada x England once that gets axed. Yes, it's my furthest one, but I've just hit a roadblock with it because I was supposed to get help on it and never got it, now I just am not feeling it. My problem is I like these stories so much, I want to follow through on them all. But I still have my original story I want to do, the Ben 10 one I'd like to do, the Tiger & Bunny one mentioned in the previous update if Velocity still wants to do that and I recently had a plot bunny for a Digimon fic. I hate having creative ideas T_T

  • Playing: Harvest Moon: Two Towns
  • Eating: Sweet potato fries
  • Drinking: Pink lemonade

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