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Kurama Babe
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My name is Kurama Babe. I'm a well known, plus sized cosplayer from Minnesota. I've been cosplaying since 2004, done over 30 cosplays and been to 22 cons. I've been a long time furry appreciator. I seem very outgoing and love to talk and hang out but, in reality, I'm actually quite shy. Winner of AnimeIowa's 2013 MVB award.
Hey everyone! Things have been a bit off here, so I thought I'd give you guys a heads up in case I mysteriously poof again like I did my FB.

Real Life: Too often lately I've found myself wanting to shirk off company and the idea of being in the physical presence of other people has made me feel ill. This has happened at least three or four times last month, two of those times happening less than two weeks apart. I really think I just need to be away from people the whole month, aside from work and family. It's becoming emotionally and mentally taxing.
Still no word on my MRI and I was sick this week. Lasted a little over a day and I'm feeling much better now. In between medicating myself and my step dad making all my food so I don't contaminate the kitchen. I also got to take work off yesterday to look after myself.
Speaking of work, for it already being December, I'm surprised it's still so busy at work. Last winter was deader than dead. Not that I'm complaining, I like money XD I'm more pissed off at the fact that I never get the information I need for my hours. Hell, I was told to expect to work on Friday, whether I felt better or not, then my boss doesn't remember telling me that and canceled a bunch of houses, making it so no one was working because too many people are sick. Only reason I'm pissed is that I ended up wasting my time sitting around waiting for a carpool that wasn't going to show up, as well as me being well enough to work. So crappy paycheck for me next week T_T
Spent Thanksgiving with my dad and it was the first time we'd done so since before my parents divorced nearly 20 years ago. As much as I enjoyed it and needed/wanted the break, I really want to spend a holiday with my girlfriend. It's been ages since I've been able to do that with her and last year's Thanksgiving plans got botched due to work screwing me over.
And speaking of her, we may have come to an agreement on an idea to make things smoother on my end for moving. But I think we need to talk about it more and implement it after we have a game plan for it. All I can say is I'm glad she's so supportive, because I'm getting jack from nearly everyone else. Even my dad, who I love and look up to, doesn't appear to be supportive in this endeavor.

Geekdom: Tiger & Bunny, Ben 10, Harvest Moon and Magi. Sprinkle in a little Yu Yu Hakusho, Nabari no Ou and Attack On Titan and you have a VERY jumbled pile of emotions.

Cons: With this update, you can tell I'm not at MFF this weekend. Had to cancel because it was way too much time off to ask for with taking two weekends to myself in a row. Daisho was AMAZING and I'm so glad I made the choice to go. They have DRASTICALLY improved and I would totally go again if I have the chance. That said, Daisho was my last con for this year's circuit. Next year I am for sure attending Detour, while gunning for Geek and Daisho as backups. Migration won't be on my radar unless something bunks Geek for me, since the two are back to back weekends (tried that before, too much floundering and stress money wise to do it again). I know my choices will immensely cut down on the people I see, but with the move coming, I want to spend as much time with Velocity as I can beforehand. Though I'm sure I will have people guilt me for my choices anyway (always happens).
Detour is very busy for me, as I'm potentially hosting three panels; cosplay equality, mpreg and Harvest Moon. Along with that is the potential for one or two photoshoots; Free if Makoto is done and another for my secret cosplay if my group is for it. I might also be co-hosting an LBGT panel (not likely, as I haven't heard anything from the host) and also participating in Cosplay Chess, as per usual. The Detour programming head has been very kind to me over the years, so if I have a problem, she'll work with me. But if they get spaced out evenly, I shouldn't have any problems. It's just that I'll have to plan my cosplays around all these panels, as two of mine and Chess are cosplay specific.

Cosplay: One of my Aerith cosplays was retired, as she doesn't fit me properly anymore. I also managed to nab a realistic tail for Natsuo in a trade. My recent hair cut means I could potentially cosplay Toboe without a wig again, but this means some of my other cosplays have been put into semi-retirement, since they required my long hair. Meika is taking a look at my botched Austria cosplay to see if she can make it something wearable and not shitty. Due to a lack of communication and people just generally being crap, I may not get one of my props for Kevin, which pisses me off because I was pretty excited for it, as plain of a prop as it is.
If you follow my FB or my website, you know Seishun and Makoto weren't finished in time for Daisho. They will be slated for another con. Makoto just has some final touches for his shirt and I need a tie and wig and screw having accurate shoes, I don't care. Seishun has the bottommost layer of clothing made and I've found a wig, but have a backup in case I can't buy it before the con.
For Detour, I'm trying to debut Wanda (top priority, if my Cosmo and Timmy are wearing their cosplays and want to have me) and my secret cosplays (same character, two different outfits). The secret cosplay is my final, expensive cosplay before I move, since after that I will be saving up for moving day. Makoto, Mary and Seishun are low priority for new stuff, though Mary will be higher if I need to do her for my panel. For Geek, I'm hoping to debut Yamato. But, as with Miaka, I'm having problems finding the right pieces, since I was hoping to dual use those items. Hoping to do my second outfit for Kevin so I won't die in the summer heat. For Daisho, if I go, my only new thing may be Ramona and that's a whole different ball park with variables in that happening or not. If I add anything else, it will likely be either Duchess or Henry.

Art: Working on my Daisho video, so everything else is on standstill until that's done. I'll also be part of a CMV and I just filmed my part today. Once I edit that, I'll be sending that in to the girl running it. Started editing Wishful Thinking, I am only a couple chapters in. Hopefully gonna work on the cover for Trial & Error this weekend if I don't get distracted by farming games and superhero anime XP Once I get going on that, I will put Love Will Never Die on hiatus and poke at my other Hetalia fics.

  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Reading: Bluestar's Prophecy
  • Playing: Harvest Moon: Two Towns
  • Drinking: Mike's

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